PaladinX and Squire3 Installations

PHP phpversion() ==> 8.0.14


Details involving the creation of a simplified CMS Library with extensive security measures.

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Forum: What are Squire and Paladin?
Forum: Installation Guide
Forum: Bug(s)
Forum: Milestone 30 Nov 2020 10:38 GMT
Forum: Directory layout changes
Forum: That was HARD
Forum: To Route Or Not To Route - The Definitive Guide???
Source: Directory Tree Structure
Source: Directory Tree Structure
Source: CutDowncode - squire3 files
Source: CutDowncode - squire3 files
Forum: Squire 3 / Paladin X.3 -- Rebuilding from the ground up
Forum: Milestone 02 Dec 2020 14:27 GMT
Source: Milestones x 4


Forum: PaladinX GitHub Repository
GitHub : benanamen / paladinx
Forum: CutCodeDown - To Route Or Not To Route - The Definitive Guide???
GitHub : Squire3
Forum: CutCodeDown - Squire Rethink
This site Squire-Rethink (this site)
Github: Squire-Rethink


Forum: CutCodeDown - Squire3 - Proposal
GitHub: John-Betong/jb-squire3
Online: demo

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